Reims cathedral and the Palace of Tau

Sep 6, 2019

Paris Notre Dame Cathedral is closed for 5 years! too bad but what about visiting the most important cathedral in terms of French History i.e the splendid cathedral of Reims in Champagne region?

It was in fact within the very one we still can visit today ,that 25 kings of France have been crowned ! So follow the guide and learn more about French History and the wines of Champagne which owe their fame somehow to …the kings of France (especially one : LOUIS XV ! )
The West facade
The smile of The Angel
The cathedral seen from the roof
The Cathedral Inside: The Rosace
The different stages of the making of Champagne can be admired in a windows sponsored by the local wine-growers (here we can see the pressing of the grapes by press or foot).
Stained Glass

The guided visit of the cathedral can be combined with a guided tour inside the palace of Tau since the 2 buildings are connected! the palace shelters the treasury of the cathedral . Among the prestigious works of arts visible today:

Charlemagne’s talisman.(9C.)
Chalice used for Coronations
The Holy Ampula

The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall

This is the very place where banquets were held for the coronation of the kings of France ! 33 Kings of France have been coronated in Reims from Louis 1st( 816 ) to Charles X ( 1825).
The hall dates back to 1500 ; The vault (heavily restored after the bombings in 1914, is shaped like an inverted ship’s hull.

Of Course the visit of a prestigious House of Champagne is planned! You can visit the House Moet & Chandon in Epernay (photograph below: The statue of Dom Perignon) along the prestigious Avenue de Champagne – Classified by the UNESCO as a W.H.S in 2016.

Dom Perignon - Moet & Chandon

Or a House of Champagne in Reims such as La Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger or Ruinart (private tours & semi-private tours -12 people max.) Between Epernay and Reims ,we’ll drive along a scenic road ,and make a stop in the village of Hautvillers to pay tribute to Dom Perignon ,who is buried in the little church of Saint Sindulphe (I’ve the accreditation from the City Hall for guiding my clients inside the church!)

3 views of the pitturesque village of Hautvillers – In the middle the church Saint Sindulphe where we still can see today the tomb of Dom Perignon.