Do you pick up directly at our hotel/apartment?

Yes if you are staying Paris downtown we’ll pick you up/ drop you off right at your frontdoor .
N.B : we can of course drop you off somewhere downtown Paris if you wish so !

Can We Choose The Pick-Up Time?

Yes of Course Since It Is A Private Tour! Just Be Aware That For A Tour To The Countryside, If you Really Want To Make The Most of Your Day.
The Earlier The Better! Around 7am/7:30am ; Regarding The Half Day Tours Paris & Around The Departure time Shouldn’t be After 9:30am !Or an Extra Hour Should Be Added For Your Driver/Guide’s Lunches!

Do You Arrange Pick up At The Eurostar Train Station?

Yes I Do Arrange Pick-up At the Gare Du Nord – Eurostar Station, and of Course drop off by the end of the day.

Do you arrange pick up at Paris Airports?

I’m afraid I don’t arrange pick-up at Parisian airports!

Do You Arrange Pick-up At The Port of Le Havre?

Being Based in Paris,which is located 120 miles from Le Havre, I’m afraid I don’t arrange pick-up at Le Havre!

Can you arrange a drop off outside Paris?

Yes It Can be arranged just be aware that according to the distance, there should be extra-fees!

Any other questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us…